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The Public Works Executive (PWE) program is the third level of the Leadership and Management track offered through the Donald C. Stone Center. This unique developmental program for public works executives focuses on the cognitive, analytical and applied skills necessary to lead through changes before the profession. The PWE program is meant to promote how to “learn and apply” rather than to merely understand.

Entry Requirements:

To be eligible to enter the PWE program, you must have 5 years experience in public works with 3 or more years as a personnel supervisor and one of the following:
  • A Level 2 Public Works Manager designation from the Donald C. Stone Center


  • A master’s degree in one of the following:
    • Public administration, or business administration
    • Public works, sustainability, or a related field
    • Engineering, urban/city planning, or a related field
    • Environmental science, environmental studies, environmental science and management, ecology, energy, or a related field
  • Minimum of eighteen graduate credits in any of the above-listed graduate programs  
(Note: If you do not have 18 hours of graduate credit in public works and are interested in doing so, please contact Mabel Tinjacá, Norwich University and the University of Nebraska at Omaha have developed 18 hour graduate credit programs to fit this need.)


Completion Requirements:
  • Have at least 5 years of experience as a personnel supervisor in public works
  • Complete the 360 Assessment
  • Create a professional development plan based on the APWA Core Competencies and the  results of your assessment
  • Design an implementable capstone project that meets all of the following criteria:
    • The capstone project is specifically designed to improve the operations of your agency, corporation, community and/or other public works related organization
    • Your mentor assists in topic selection and in the analysis/discussion of the project’s practical application
    • The general subject area of the capstone project relates to leadership, management, sustainability, environmental issues or public works infrastructure
    • The capstone project demonstrates academically acceptable use of secondary literature (i.e., it should not include original research)
    • The capstone project is completed at a regionally accredited graduate school in any of the following ways:
      • graduate certificate capstone course (for no credit or for full/partial graduate credit)
      • full-time/part-time graduate capstone studies for graduate credit
      • graduate degree program incorporating a capstone project
    • If previously completed in a graduate program at a regionally accredited graduate school, the capstone project or thesis must meet all of the above criteria as well as:
      • be less than three (3) years old; updated information must be incorporated into the capstone and not submitted as an addendum (capstones submitted to DCS Center prior to May 1, 2014 are exempted from this requirement)
      • address leadership, management, sustainability, environmental issues or public infrastructure
      • have a practical application to your agency, corporation, community or public works related organization
      • meet the rules of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) of the academic institution in question if original research was conducted
    • Journal and document your thoughts and insights about your experiences as you progress through the program.
    • Present a defense of the capstone project (whether the capstone project was part of a qualified pre-existing graduate degree or completed after entering the Level 3 program) to the Research Council (a team of public works executives and academic specialists) via conference call or Skype.
Pricing Information:
  • Application fee = $50 (non-refundable)
  • Enrollment fee = $199 members/$299 nonmembers (non-refundable)
  • Annual renewal fee = $50