The Leadership and Management career paths provide professional development opportunities at all levels of leadership.
  • Level 1: Public Works Supervisor (PWS) For early stage professionals considering career options in leadership, Level 1 Public Works Supervisor (PWS) provides practical information about the unique opportunities and challenges of front-line supervision.
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  • Level 2: Public Works Manager (PWM) For mid-level and emerging leaders, Level 2 Public Works Manager (PWM) focuses on all functions within public works and how they work together as a system.
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  • Level 3: Public Works Executive (PWE) For the executive, Level 3 Public Works Executive (PWE) addresses the strategic aspects of public works.
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  • Level 4: Public Works Leadership Fellow (PWLF) For experienced senior executives ready to give back to the public works profession, Level 4 Public Works Leadership Fellows (PWLF) provides an opportunity to share years of experience and personal knowledge by mentoring aspiring leaders who are working through the challenges of today.
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APWA is proud to honor the legacy of Donald C. Stone through the Leadership and Management career paths which are designed to challenge and motivate as well as increase and improve critical thinking at all levels. It promotes the practical and cognitive understanding of how systems work within public works and how proper management of the systems creates healthy communities. It is designed to provide knowledge, skills and experiences that are progressively more complex so that graduates can contribute to growth within their respective organizations and the communities they serve. Finally, and most importantly, it encourages service as an important professional and personal value.