Professional Career Path (Future Release)

Many careers and professions come together to form the group of professionals that comprise public works, and many professionals choose to specialize and progress within a specialty. The Public Works Professional career path is for engineers, architects, planners, sociologists, geologists, information technologists and consultants in general who bring their knowledge, problem solving skills and experiences to the forefront in the development and growth of communities. There are two levels in this career path.   

The first level within this career path is the Technical Scholar; it is intended for individuals in a specialty field who have between one and five years of experience working on public works projects. A special program will be developed to assist these individuals in their long term professional plan within their specialty areas. Partnerships will be developed to provide special technical development experiences with other associations, government agencies, colleges and universities. The focus will be professional development within a technical specialty and its application in public works.  Participants will have access to a mentor to help with their professional growth and development.  

The Master Scholar is the upper level within the Public Works Professional career path. Master Scholars will be required to provide mentoring to participants in the Technical Specialty career paths - technicians, operators, or managers who are interested in leadership within a specific technical area. This group of mentors will also work with individuals interested in pursuing a long term career in the area of public works consulting.   

Both levels are eligible to pursue APWA certifications:  

As the DCS Center expands its partnership network, other certifications will become available through the Center. In cases where certification through partnerships is not possible, the Center will consider funding the development of certification programs.