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APWA needs you! Answer this call for innovative and cutting-edge topics and speakers today!

APWA offers education and training for public works professionals via conferences, online web programs, and live workshops. Click on the buttons above for a description of the selection criteria, submission guidelines, and deadlines for each program.

  • Tell your public works story – give us "how we did it" case studies and workable strategies for addressing regulatory mandates, aging infrastructure, tight budgets, security issues, new technologies and systems, leadership dilemmas and solutions.
  • Get the recognition you deserve! Take advantage of this opportunity to share your expertise and the insights you’ve gained from your real-world experience.
  • Encourage your employees to speak at APWA professional development events – challenge them to step forward and share their successes, ideas, and vision for the public works profession of tomorrow.

APWA also offers live workshop training in these areas: Stormwater Management; Public Fleet Management, and Construction Inspection. If you have expertise in any of these areas and would like to put your name into consideration as an instructor, please send an email to education@apwa.net. Please include a bio that highlights your technical expertise and your experience as an instructor/speaker.