In 2013, the Center released a five year strategic plan to guide its efforts and activities. In formulating the plan, the Center Leadership Group identified that the building of sustainable communities is the greatest challenge to public works in the 21st Century and recommits APWA as an organization to the promotion and support of public works professionals’ efforts to advance sustainability in their communities. The Strategic Plan identifies six goals:

  1. institutionalize sustainability principles and practices into all APWA operations so that APWA as an organization can demonstrate its commitment to sustainability;
  2. design and execute an effective marketing and outreach program on APWA Center for Sustainability activities, resources and accomplishments;
  3. leverage existing APWA resources, programs and initiatives to fully integrate sustainability throughout all APWA offerings;
  4. promote and support the Institute for Sustainable infrastructure and the EnvisionTM Sustainable Infrastructure Rating System;
  5. develop the next generation of sustainability leaders; and
  6. establish APWA as a leader on sustainability with other organizations considered key to influencing community sustainability.

The Center Leaders also identified a series of activities they can implement to ensure that the six identified goals of the strategic plan are implemented. The Strategic Plan also clarifies the role of the APWA Center for Sustainability: to inform APWA members on best practices, tools, and knowledge; identifies and communicates a compelling case for sustainability in public works; and creates, complies, organizes and distributes information on creating sustainable communities.

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