Created by the APWA Board of Directors in 2008, the APWA Center for Sustainability is leading an exciting  initiative to drive the transformation of public works management so that public works professionals can confront the challenges facing their communities.

In establishing the APWA Center for Sustainability the APWA Board of Directors recognized that new challenges such as shrinking local budgets, increased cost of materials, more engaged and better informed public and stakeholders and new regulatory mandates, are confronting public works professionals and making their daily jobs even more challenging. These new challenges require a new approach to public works management. This new approach must focus on innovative, collaborative and whole systems thinking. The next generation public works professional must look at the problem at hand in its broadest context and ensure that decision makers, government and private, are aware of the consequences and opportunities of a wide variety of possible solutions.

To read the 2008 APWA Sustainability Task Force Report recommending the creation of the APWA Center for Sustainability, click here.

To read the 2013 APWA Center for Sustainability Strategic Plan, click here.