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  • Construction Inspection Certificate Workshop The Construction Inspection Certificate Workshop is for new and potential recruits to the profession and serves to enhance the skills of those already in the role of a construction inspector. This workshop offers the latest information in the construction inspection industry, packed full of useful, practical techniques and real-world examples.
  • Indoor Air Quality with a Focus on New Technologies in HVAC New technologies offer higher indoor air quality (IAQ) and better energy efficiency which translates to healthier air and cost savings over time. This program focuses on HVAC in public facilities that may be improved by retrofitting or add-ons.
  • The Urban Forest - Preserve and Protect Trees are part of your infrastructure; they should be protected and preserved, and be a component of your overall emergency management plan. Gather tips on how to create an emergency response plan for your urban forest. Hear methods for tree preservation during construction projects and before and after severe weather events.
  • Traffic Mediation – Neighborhood and Pedestrian Safety In this program you will learn how public works professionals are managing today’s - and planning for tomorrow’s - traffic. Just as roads are made safe for the driving public, it is equally important to ensure safe conditions for neighborhoods and pedestrians.
  • How To Train Your Fleet This program focuses on how two agencies work with within their region and state APWA chapters to get well rounded training for their small fleets.
  • Pavement Preservation This program will focus on money aspects, engineering and technology items, management issues and pavement management.