1. An Interview with Dr. Albert E. Berry
  1. An Interview with Edward J. Cleary
  1. An Interview with Ellis L. Armstrong
  1. An Interview with Jean Vincenz
  1. An Interview with Jennings Randolph
  1. An Interview with Roy W. Morse
  1. An Interview with Samuel S. Baxter
  1. An Interview with Samuel A. Greeley
  1. An Interview with William D. Hurst


  1. Benjamin Henry Latrobe and Public Works: Professionalism, Private Interest, and Public Policy in the Age of Jefferson
  1. Chicago's Quest for Pure Water
  1. Fresno's Water Rivalry: Competition for a Scarce Resource
  1. George Warren Fuller: A Reminiscence
  1. Infrastructure and Urban Growth in the Nineteenth Century
  1. Nelson P. Lewis and the City Efficient: The Municipal Engineer in City Planning during the Progressive Era
  1. Pioneering in Parks and Parkways: Westchester County, New York, 1985-1945
  1. Planning and Financing Public Works
  1. Pragmatic Environmentalist: Sanitary Engineer George E. Waring, Jr.
  1. Public Policy and Public Works: Niagara Falls Redevelopment as a Case Study
  1. Public-Private Partnerships: Privatization in Historical Perspective
  1. Public Works and Urban History: Recent Trends and New Directions
  1. Stemming the Tide: Design and Operation of the Bonnet Carre Spillway
  1. The "Practicable" Engineer: John B. Jervis and the Old Croton Aqueduct
  1. PThe Search for an Optimum Sanitation Jurisdiction: The Metropolitan Sanitary District of Greater Chicago, a Case Study
  1. Transportation Innovation and Changing Spatial Patterns in Pittsburg, 1850-1934
  1. Water and Sewage Works in Wilmington, Delaware, 1818-1910