Publishing the history of public works has always been a central activity of the Society. A complete list of Society publications along with short abstracts, book reviews, and text from out of print publications is available from this web site. Publications are available for purchase through the APWA Bookstore and APWA Programs and Publications Catalog.  Publications include:


  1. An Interview with Donald C. Stone (1903-1995)
  1. An Interview with George Rowe (1925-2006)
  1. An Interview with Herbert Goetsch
  1. An Interview with James E. Attebery
  1. An Interview with James L. Martin
  1. An Interview with Myron D. Calkins
  1. An Interview with Robert D. Bugher
  1. An Interview with Robert Esterbrooks
  1. An Interview with Robert Albee
  1. Oral Histories Collection


  1. Army Engineers' Contributions to the Development of Iron Construction
  1. Black Waters
  1. Bayou City Rails
  1. Cities Take Flight
  1. Mayor Frank P. Zeidler
  1. Natchez, Mississippi
  1. Paying for the Cost of Growth: The Environmental Engineering Debate in Atlanta, 1877-1914
  1. Public Works and Potomac River Pollution
  1. Public Works and Public Health: Reflections on Urban Politics and Environment, 1880-1925
  1. Scene by the Engineer
  1. The Politics of Congestion: The Continuing Legacy of the Milwaukee Freeway Revolt
  1. The Corps of Engineers and Water Resource
  1. Water for the Anasazi: How the Ancients of Mesa Verde Engineered Public Works
  1. Water Fountains in the Cityscape

History Related Publications

  1. Going Underground: Tunneling Past, Present and Future
  1. People Making Public Works History: A Century of Process, 1894-1994