Aug 27, 2013

Tuesday Congress Recap

Tuesday Congress Recap

APWA 2013 International Public Works & Congress Recap: Tuesday, August 27th

On Tuesday, August 27th, the first APWA Congress session taking place was the Small Cities Rural Communities (SCRC) Town Meeting at 7:30 a.m. Following that, Congress attendees headed for the Tuesday Opening General Session at 8:30, which featured reality-based leadership  best-selling author, Cy Wakeman in the Arie Crown Theater, who discussed how to “Ditch the Drama ad Turn Excuses into Results.” Wakeman discussed reality-based rules for the workplace that focus on leadership and employee value, with an emphasis on accountability to achieve results in the work environment.
Wakeman presented the “How Can I help” mentality for employees in the workplace that emphasizes empathy, rather than sympathy, and leaders who listen to a long list of complaints.  She stressed that the organization should focus on less meetings and more trust, and especially in trying times – the importance of leading first and managing second. She also stressed that organizational change is an important feature of the workplace, and that people need to get behind change to capitalize on it. Her focus is primarily on a reality-based work environment where you can lead others to deliver results and give benefits to those who do.
After the General Session, educational sessions followed throughout the day, which included topics such as City Art Re-imaging the St. Paul City Systems, Collaborating to Retrofit Communities, Customer Service You can App-reciate, and Executive Level Leadership. Upstairs in the Exhibit Hall, the Exhibitor Solutions Theater featured presentations on topics such as Understanding and Utilizing Bio-Based Solutions for Public Works, Rubberized Asphalt Pavement Technologies, and What is Sabotaging Our Underground Systems and How Do We Fight Back.
From 2:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m., the Public Works Stormwater Summit featured the second of the two day session, featuring speakers who presented three case studies highlighting best practices in local stormwater management. The presentations included It Takes A Village – Systems Approach to Water Quality Permit Compliance from Fairfax County, Va.; the Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs): Develop a Plan,  from the City of Lenexa, KS, and Breaking Down TMDLs – Are They Really the Problem: from Greenville County, South Carolina.
Later in the afternoon, more  educational sessions followed, which included topics such as Chicago’s Bicycle Program, How to Innovate in Public Works, What Gets Measured Gets Done – Performance Standards for Solid Waste Management and Workforce  Diversity: Recruiting and Retaining Minorities and the Disadvantaged.
Following the afternoon educational sessions, Tuesday evening was highlighted with many Chapter Dinners at Chicago area restaurants.


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