Apr 12, 2013

San Diego to Host Sustainability in Public Works Conference

Public works professionals are vital to the overall well-being of a community, their day-to-day choices influence energy use, air and watershed quality, ecosystem and human health, climate impacts, civic life and local prosperity. At the APWA Sustainability Conference, public works and sustainability leaders will join together to share solutions and strategize for the future. The educational programming includes many educational sessions, such as Implementing a New LID Drainage Manual-What Have We Learned; Sustainability Fueling Phoenix’s Past, Present and Future; Certified, Silver, Gold – How to Navigate the Various Waters of the Sustainability Certification Programs; Six Steps to Your Sustainable Flood Fight Success Story; Sustainable Transportation Practices – Can They Really Save Money; Implementing Sustainability – An Operational Perspective; Solar Power Purchase Agreements: The “Almost” Free Lunch; and Using Envision to Advance the Practice of Sustainable Design and Constructions; as well as many others. For more APWA Sustainability Conference information, read the full press release below or visit the website at: http://www.apwa.net/sustainability.

Read the full press release HERE (PDF).